Episode 20. Ksenia Friiasva: Hidden Emotions, Fears And Being Your Authentic Self

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2022
Long We Live
Episode 20. Ksenia Friiasva: Hidden Emotions, Fears And Being Your Authentic Self

In this episode I am talking with Ksenia Friiasva. She is a photo-art-therapist and she focuses on the subconcious mind and gives tools to develop emotional intelligence. Ksenia teaches how to express the hidden emotions in a safe way through art.

She is also a freediving psychologist and helps people achieve their goals - go to the depth or to hold their breath in the apnea static. 

Ksenia organizes retreats and workshops to help people reconnect with water and have less fear, and more trust and courage to express their uniqueness.


- Following your biggest excitement and goosebumps

- Emotions are how your body experiences  life

- Trusting your body and being more open to the world

- 3 types of sensations your body experiences

- Negative sensations can get stuck in the body

- What sub-personalities are and how they are created

- Hidden emotions doesn't block us from having what we want in life

- Love is a choice to be healthy - it's a state of mind

- Why Ksenia is a warrior of love

- Your emotions get stuck in the body

- Fears freeze your body from movement and taking action

- Each person brings uniques capabilities

- Relax, trust your body and external circumstances

- Childhood trauma impacts your life and your character

- The main thing in letting go of fears and triggers

Find out more about Ksenia and connect with her here: https://instagram.com/ksenia_friiasva?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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