Episode 21. Leigh Ewin: Building Mental and Physical Resilience

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2022
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Episode 21. Leigh Ewin: Building Mental and Physical Resilience

Leigh Ewin is a breathwork and cold exposure coach. He facilitates and teaches breath work. Leigh has spent years exploring breathwork as a way to help ease pain, anxiety, and stress.

Leigh was born in Australia but has chosen Finland as a country to live in. He fell in love with the cold but before that, he has gone through an adaptation journey that Leigh shares in the episode.

His deep passion for breath work has led him to explore mindset and spiritual practices. This is part I of my conversation with Leigh where we discussed cold exposure and breath. Part 2 is where the conversion goes deeper into what healthy masculinity is and how to open up for a more tender side as a man. 

You will learn how stress and cold can be beneficial and what mistakes to avoid when starting dipping into an ice-cold water. And how you can become a superhuman


  •  Born in Ausralia but never felt like he fit in
  •  Getting to Finland by “accident” and finding his purpose and why in life
  •  Finish challenge for an Aussie guy made Leigh fall in love with cold
  •  First time experiencing winters and ice
  •  Going too far with cold exposure
  •  Learning how staying in the cold water trains your brain and strengthens the nervous system
  •  The intention should be set before starting anything to achieve better results
  •  We are the variable as a human everything else just IS the way it IS
  •  Mistakes in cold exposure you can avoid
  •  Finding out about biohacking and discovering breathwork
  •  Under ice freediving
  •  How Leigh doesn't experience fear
  •  Being a superhuman
  •  Women and men react differently to cold exposure
  •  What being masculine means?
  •  Mentality aspect of performing in extraordinary situations
  •  Good and bad fat we have in our bodies

More about Leigh - https://www.leighewin.com

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