Episode 22. Leigh Ewin: Decoding the Stories of Masculine Energy And Accepting Love

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2022
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Episode 22. Leigh Ewin: Decoding the Stories of Masculine Energy And Accepting Love

Leigh Ewin is a breathwork and cold exposure coach. He facilitates and teaches breath work. Leigh has spent years exploring breathwork as a way to help ease pain, anxiety, and stress.

This is the second part of the conversation where we got to discuss with Leigh his path of finding what the masculine and feminine side is.  

Why do we find receiving love and help so difficult? His journey of discovering his childhood patterns and how they affected his relationships. Leigh is a wonderful human, full of self-discovery insights and I hope you get to experience it through this conversation.


  •  Childhood experiences that formed what behavior is acceptable
  •  Not being able to cry for over a decade
  •  Feminine & masculine energy inside each of us
  •  Finding ways and opening to receive love
  •  Being raised by a single strong mom
  •  Image of a manly man in a society
  •  Cath-up game for men when they are growing
  •  Infinity loop philosophy that Leight has created
  •  Engrained behavioral patterns and childhood experiences
  •  Accepting without the need of giving back instantly
  •  Asking for help is the hardest thing for all of us
  •  How Leigh discovered the power of ego
  •  Emotional responses are caused by traumas and it's not your personality
  •  Leigh’s new book, his principles, and the concept of freedom
  •  Manifesting and finding meaning in little and big things

More about Leigh - https://www.leighewin.com

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