Episode 14. Sen Vivek: Your Spirit Holds All The Answers

Uncategorized May 03, 2022
Long We Live
Episode 14. Sen Vivek: Your Spirit Holds All The Answers

Sen Vivek fleed from a civil war in Sri Lanka and relocated to Canada at a young age. This developed a lot of limiting beliefs about himself. He searched for meaning after going into a career in which he hated that's when he turned to Transcendental Meditation. It opened up his eyes to see that there is more to this world than just the physical. Transcendental Meditation also led him down the path of exploring more with plant medicine. Plant Medicine showed him about self love for the very first time. Shortly after that he let go of his fear based belief systems and quit his corporate job to focus on his passions and his family.




  •  What Kabbalah practice is and how it opens a new way of thinking
  •  Living from the soul's purpose
  •  Running from the war in Sri Lanka
  •  Asking the right questions
  •  What could I do to benefit others and live my joy?
  •  Transform fear into courage
  •  Energy frequencies change your reality
  •  Mindset and spirituality are the same things
  •  You can be unaware of your subconscious beliefs
  •  Different people are stubborn in different ways
  •  Built a relationship with creation

Listen to Sen's podcast: https://anchor.fm/sen-vivek


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