Episode 15. Lee Evans: How to Have Limitless Energy

Uncategorized May 07, 2022
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Episode 15. Lee Evans: How to Have Limitless Energy

In this epidode I talk with Lee Evans who is a high performance coach that helps people bring their 10 years vision to today. He works with pro athletes, British military and business leaders to help them get their energy back.




- 7 pillars of maintaining high energy levels throughout the day

- Distraction is a lack of traction into something meaningful that you do

- Reflect on the day

- Spend time to think about what is important to you: your goals

- Foresee your week -

The sense of freshness helps you start

- The most important reason when setting goals

- Impact of your personal goals

- Awareness is not something that you have, you must seek it

- Journaling gives you a depth of insights

- Hypnotherapy vs. coaching

- Growth is in the future not in your past

- Feel more of the day - What you think and your beliefs are not who you are

- All that we experience is learning

Connect with Lee here: https://www.highperformancegrowth.com/home-page


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