Episode 02. Energy Draining Activities & How to Change It

Uncategorized May 03, 2022
Long We Live
Episode 02. Energy Draining Activities & How to Change It

Energy is the most important currency you can trade in this world. You want to feel full of energy to perform well and bring all of you to the present moment.


REGAIN ENERGY with simple steps, download the daily worksheet to accompany the change in your energy management:

  • Saying NO should become easy for you
  • Switch your thinking about your to-do list (here's the tool to help you with that, click here to download it)
  • Set boundaries according to your value system

Practical Exercise

Take a piece of paper or download this Energy Management Tool and fill it with your to-do list. Then write the outcome, feeling you want to experience with each activity and task. By looking into the same things differently we allow our brains to form new approach and find new ways for possibilities.

Share with me on social media how you apply this in your daily life!
Tag @longwelive on IG so I could celebrate your progress with you,

All My Love,

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Episode 01. Welcome Anxiety, Burnout and Panic Attacks

Uncategorized May 03, 2022
Long We Live
Episode 01. Welcome Anxiety, Burnout and Panic Attacks

A former archeologist turned business owner, turned entrepreneur navigating digital world jungles. Eisve is a person to talk if you feel burned out, lack of energy, tired all the time without any particular reason and that your world has turned against you.


My journey has been a fun rollercoaster ride. Once I was crippled by anxiety and wished I could relax without experiencing a panic attack.

This is when I learned everything I could about our minds, and how thoughts shape our reality. I just had to find my way out!

Today I'm a successful business owner facing adversity and challenges each day. I realised that what I’ve learned along my journey can be beneficial to other leaders facing hard situations and fighting silent inner battles.

What I share on this podcast will help you understand that you are not alone. This is the space where I talk all about limiting beliefs, longevity mindset, and a stronger and healthier you.

I'll share my best advice, lessons, and...

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Stop Searching For Happiness And Start Living It

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2022

Sometimes what you do is not as important as how you feel. But how do we define how we want to feel and how we want it to transform into a material world? That's tough work that we came to Earth to Remember how to do it.

Happy Life - What's the secret?

Let's begin...

Let me flip the saying - do what makes you happy - or better - make yourself happy and then do (create) something out of it. That's the more true analogy of how we should perceive the world around and within us.

The way you could look to this world that unlocks limitless possibilities is that you start to feel in a certain way before you do or create something.

We think that in order to feel happy, successful, rich, we need to DO something about it. But that's rarely the case, so often we GET what we think we want and we don't GET the feeling we seek.

That's unfortunate because it makes so many people pursue something that doesn't bring true richness to their lives. And this pursuit of happiness leaves us empty. More...

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